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For over a decade, Feminist Mormon Housewives, a blog NPR’s Krista Tippets called “legendary”, has published essays on subjects pertinent to Mormon women. Ranging from ridiculous tales of the drudgery of homelife to heavy hitting religious critiques and feminist theory, FMH has been a bright spot that readers could turn to when they felt alone in their local wards. Since 2013 The FMH Podcast has taken those same topics and tackled them through the new medium of podcasting by hosting panel discussion, monologues, and Lindsay Hansen’s searing and provocative historical research series, The Year of Polygamy. Over the course of 100 episodes Park takes research hidden away in archives, brushed aside by religious authorities, left out of official histories, written professionally in abstracts and journals, and compiles it all in a narrative respected by leading historians and compelling enough to interest any casual listener.

What is Woman?

The Story of Woman Podcast, a program dubbed, “Hard Core History with more women” weaves histories of women, through the lens of women, with the latest research and experts in the field. Broad and expansive, this series begins at the dawn of life and crawls to the modern age through exciting and largely untold tales of the women who built our world.

The project has generated a lot of buzz! Sponsored by BlueHost, co-produced by Jake Spurlock, Grace Pool of the Sunstone Education Foundation, and Adam Groves and teaming with a host of researchers, including anthropologists, historians, biologists and more, you won’t want to miss an episode.

About the podcast: Hansen-Park pulls from sources all over scientific books, studies, websites, including top-notch scholarship and primary sources. While her work is not original research, she weaves together the stories that have been told to bring you a consolidated history. Sources are usually cited either verbally or in the body of the post, but you can expect her to pull directly from peer-reviewed research. We encourage you to look at the sources listed and do your own work and support the scholars doing this work.


About the host:  Lindsay Hansen-Park is a women’s rights activist, a feminist blogger, and an advocate against gender violence. She co-founded Utah For Congo to raise awareness for post rape survivors and is currently heavily involved in the Mormon Feminist movement. Lindsay is the Assistant Director for the Sunstone Education Foundation and the founder of the Feminist Mormon Housewives Podcast. She blogs for FeministMormonHousewives.org about women’s issues. Her work has been referenced in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Quartz Magazine,  and many other Utah publications.


Music from this podcast by the amazing Lady Murasaki can be found here!

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